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One thing there is no doubt about is that it pays to compare different lenders before applying for an SMS loan. But how different pages compare can of course vary and there doesn’t have to be anything wrong with that.

How a comparison on a page like this is arranged

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Is largely determined by the technical knowledge and the type of person who made it. We who run Will Ladislaw belong to that category of people who like a lot of info. Therefore, we have put our comparisons everywhere here on the site according to different amounts so that visitors can see what it will cost and so on.

But there are other solutions such as at bestasnabblån.se where you have chosen a much simpler comparison. Instead, they have chosen to focus quite a lot on how much they can borrow for free and a rating on the lenders. Ratings of a kind that we do not have here on the site, for example. Then, of course, there are lots of other sites that compare SMS loans and many of these have something good to offer you who are thinking about borrowing money.

The type of comparison you want as a visitor varies, of course

The type of comparison you want as a visitor varies, of course

If you want to find something fast maybe our site is not the best but my example fits much better. What matters most is that you really compare lenders before anything else is done.

For very large differences it can be and it also does not have to be the same lenders who are cheapest at SEK 10,000 if they are cheapest at SEK 2,000. An example of how big a difference it can be is that the difference between the cheapest and most expensive lender offering SEK 7,000 over 60 days is over SEK 1,000. Then we talk about exactly the same type of loan in general, only the price differs.


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