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The wedding is the event that goes far beyond a marriage bond, to change from one civil state to another . Currently the wedding is a social act that involves a whole series of expenses that are increasing to such a degree that we want such a celebration to be unforgettable for all, both for the parties to the link and for the attendees .

Can a wedding be financed?


When starting to quote the prices of the banquet, the photographs of the link, the dress of the bride, the trip of honeymoon, etc. It ends up becoming a severe economic ” problem” since it is when the spouses begin to wake up from that dream where they were. They begin to cut out guests, menus, to think about a cheaper dress thinking that it will not be used again, etc.

The obligatory question of the contracting parties is usually how do we pay it? Previously they used to contribute economically to the popes and some relatives, but nowadays the contracting parties are those who decide to cover all the expenses of their ceremony . This is probably because they have found the solution in a bank financing, which helps them to cope with the expenses of said celebration.


How to do this activity?


The banking institutions are beginning to have consumer loans that are adapted to the needs of couples who decide to marry , weddings in banking institutions are financed as follows.

  • The bank requests documents such as the restaurant or garden contract where the ceremony will take place.
  • The signed of the providers as they are the photographers , etc.

The amortization period is usual for this type of credits that go from 5 to 10 years (depending on the amount that is requested). In addition to being able to access a loan to finance the wedding, there are couples who have discovered a new way of managing the gifts they receive on the occasion of their marriage . Modern couples have said goodbye to envelopes with tickets.

Begins to be habitual that the couples contracting in the invitations an account number where, those who wish, can provide an income to the parties , despite the discomfort that was generated in some, it seems that begins to be socially accepted. Nowadays, weddings are not only modernized in the gastronomic and visual aspect, but also financially.


Amelia Crowns of a wedding today

wedding day

Although it is still not usual, there are banks that already see all the business surrounding a wedding celebration and there are those who already have comprehensive “packs” to what they start to call “wedding accounts”. At the time of requesting a loan to celebrate your wedding you must make a comparison between the different services of loans or credits to see which is the one that more compensates you according to the money that you need and the pazo in which you can return it. In order to have an idea of ​​what is currently emerging in the market in questions of Amelia Crownss wedding is necessary to consult everything that may interest you .

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